Get to the 105th Grey Cup Festival

105th Grey Cup Festival

The 105th Grey Cup Festival kicks of on Tuesday, November 21, 2017 and runs through Sunday, November 26, 2017 at Lansdowne, Ottawa’s sport and entertainment destination. The Festival will include a number of free and ticketed events, that reflect Canada’s rich and diverse traditions, for fans from coast to coast to enjoy. The Festival will showcase Ottawa across Canada and around the world with events, performances, live music and activities that build a sense of pride and unity and showcases Canada’s culture on Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations!

For those of you that have never been, the Grey Cup Festival is a chance for fans of all teams to get together and celebrate their love of Canadian Football. It really doesn’t matter who you cheer for or if your team is in the big game. The various hospitality rooms and venues offer a great time for every CFL Fan. Some of the more popular venues include Spirit of Edmonton, Touchdown Manitoba and Stamps House. Every CFL team has a Hospitality suite at Grey Cup open to fans of all teams, even the Atlantic Schooners have a suite and they don’t have a team .. yet!

If you have the opportunity I highly recommend you check out the Grey Cup Festival in 2017 it will be held in Ottawa and it is sure to be a fantastic time.

Lansdowne Park, Ottawa