Grey Cup MVP’s

Grey Cup Most Valuable Player Award Winners

The Grey Cup MVP’s – Most Valuable Player award is awarded annually to the player deemed to have the best performance in the Grey Cup Game, the Canadian Football League’s championship game.

2022 – Henoc Muamba (LB) Toronto Agonauts
2021 – Zach Collaros (QB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2020 – Game not played due to Covid Pandemic
2019 – Andrew Harris (RB) Winnipeg Blue Bombers
2018 – Bo Levi Mitchell (QB) Calgary Stampeders
2017 – DeVier Posey (WR) Toronto Argonauts
2016 – Henry Burris (QB) Ottawa RedBlacks
2015 – Mike Reilly (QB) Edmonton Eskimos
2014 – Bo Levi Mitchell (QB) Calgary Stampeders
2013 – Kory Sheets (RB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
2012 – Chad Kackert (RB) Toronto Argonauts
2011 – Travis Lulay (QB) BC Lions
2010 – Jamel Richardson (SB) Montreal Alouettes
2009 – Avon Cobourne (RB) Montreal Alouettes
2008 – Henry Burris (QB) Calgary Stampeders
2007 – James Johnson (DB) Saskatchewan Roughriders
2006 – Dave Dickenson (QB), British Columbia Lions
2005 – Ricky Ray (QB), Edmonton Eskimos
2004 – Damon Allen (QB), Toronto Argonauts
2003 – Jason Tucker (WR), Edmonton Eskimos
2002 – Anthony Calvillo (QB), Montreal Alouettes
2001 – Marcus Crandell (QB), Calgary Stampeders
2000 – Robert Drummond (RB), British Columbia Lions
1999 – Danny McManus (QB), Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1998 – Jeff Garcia (QB), Calgary Stampeders
1997 – Doug Flutie (QB), Toronto Argonauts
1996 – Doug Flutie (QB), Toronto Argonauts
1995 – Tracy Ham (QB), Baltimore Stallions
1994 – Karl Anthony (DB), Baltimore CFLers
1993 – Damon Allen (QB), Edmonton Eskimos
1992 – Doug Flutie (QB), Calgary Stampeders
1991 – Raghib “Rocket” Ismail (WR), Toronto Argonauts

Between 1974-1990, the Offensive Player of the Game & Defensive Player of the Grey Cup game were awarded rather than one MVP award to one player

1990 – Offence: Tom Burgess (QB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers;
Defence: Greg Battle (LB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1989 – Offence: Kent Austin (QB), Saskatchewan Roughriders;
Defence: Chuck Klingbeil (DT), Saskatchewan Roughriders
1988 – Offence: James Murphy (WR), Winnipeg Blue Bombers;
Defence: Michael Gray (DT), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1987 – Offence: Damon Allen (QB), Edmonton Eskimos;
Defence: Stewart Hill (DE), Edmonton Eskimos
1986 – Offence: Mike Kerrigan (QB), Hamilton Tiger-Cats;
Defence: Grover Covington (DE), Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1985 – Offence: Roy Dewalt (QB), British Columbia Lions;
Defence: James “Quick” Parker (DE), British Columbia Lions
1984 – Offence: Tom Clements (QB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers;
Defence: Tyrone Jones (LB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1983 – Offence: Joe Barnes (QB), Toronto Argonauts;
Defence: Carl Brazley (DB), Toronto Argonauts
1982 – Offence: Warren Moon (QB), Edmonton Eskimos;
Defence: Dave “Dr. Death” Fennell (DT), Edmonton Eskimos
1981 – Offence: J.C. Watts (QB), Ottawa Rough Riders;
Defence: John Glassford (LB), Ottawa Rough Riders
1980 – Offence: Warren Moon (QB), Edmonton Eskimos;
Defence: Dale Potter (LB), Edmonton Eskimos
1979 – Offence: David Green (RB), Montreal Alouettes;
Defence: Tom Cousineau (LB), Montreal Alouettes
1978 – Offence: Tom Wilkinson (QB), Edmonton Eskimos;
Defence: Dave “Dr. Death” Fennell (DT), Edmonton Eskimos
1977 – Offence: Sonny Wade (QB), Montreal Alouettes;
Defence: Glen Weir (DT), Montreal Alouettes
1976 – Offence: Tom Clements (QB), Ottawa Rough Riders;
Defence: Cleveland Vann (LB), Saskatchewan Roughriders
1975 – Offence: Steve Ferughelli (RB), Montreal Alouettes;
Defence: Lewis Cook (DB), Montreal Alouettes
1974 – Offence: Sonny Wade (QB), Montreal Alouettes;
Defence: Junior Ah You (DE), Montreal Alouettes

1973 – Charlie Brandon (DE), Ottawa Rough Riders
1972 – Chuck Ealey (QB), Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1971 – Wayne Harris (LB), Calgary Stampeders
1970 – Sonny Wade (QB), Montreal Alouettes
1969 – Russ Jackson (QB), Ottawa Rough Riders
1968 – Vic Washington (RB), Ottawa Rough Riders
1967 – Joe Zuger (QB), Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1966: Not awarded
1965: Not awarded
1964: Not awarded
1963: Not awarded
1962 – Leo Lewis (RB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1961 – Ken Ploen (QB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1960 – Ron Stewart (RB), Ottawa Rough Riders
1959 – Charlie Shepard, (RB), Winnipeg Blue Bombers